Man jailed for killing victim with single punch during drunken brawl in Camden

Mahad Abdi Abshir. Picture: Central

Mahad Abdi Abshir. Picture: Central - Credit: central news

A man who killed a man he met in Camden with a single punch on the street after he was called a “Somalian” was jailed for five years today.

Mustafa Abdalah, 24, swung his fist at the head of Mahad Abdi Abshir after flying into a drunken rage in Camden.

Witnesses saw the pair wrestling and playfighting outside the Hawley Arms pub in Castlehaven Road in the early hours of 2 May this year.

One onlooker, Hussain Kiar, told the Old Bailey: “They were hugging each other. They fell on the floor and the taller man got up and walked away.

“The other one got up and must have said something because the taller one was going “What? What did you say?”

“He walked back and just swung a punch and the other guy fell to the floor.”

Driver Tuncay Kinli, who was sitting in a car nearby, said he heard Abdalah say: “I’m Tanzanian, I’m not Somalian.”

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Mr Abshir, 28, suffered a brain haemorrhage and died after spending two days in a coma.

Abdalah was charged with murder but the prosecution accepted his guilty plea to manslaughter last week.

Judge Mark Lucraft QC told him: “This was another example of a tragic death from violence on the streets. Nothing Mahad did could justify any violence towards him.

“It was the loss of a precious life and no sentence can equate to the loss your actions caused.”

The judge sentenced Abdalah to five years imprisonment, of which he will serve half, and said the offence was aggravated by the fact it was the second violent alcohol-related incident he had been convicted of this year.