Love feud youth jailed for seven years for stabbing

A 20-YEAR-OLD who tried to slash a love rival’s throat in a Golders Green eatery has been jailed for seven years.

Jacob Butchoff, of Brent Street, Hendon, was arrested in September last year after carrying out a horrific knife attack on an 18-year-old.

Butchoff had known his victim for around four years when the assault happened, but the two had fallen out in 2007 after the other youth had started dating his former girlfriend.

Matters came to a head when the angry teenager demanded a meeting between the pair at a Chinese restaurant on Golders Green Road on September 28, 2010.

The victim agreed to attend after Butchoff made threats of violence against his family, but brought his father along for protection.

At the meeting both youths sat at the rear of the restaurant and the father sat at another table.

The meeting appeared to be going well until Butchoff stood up claiming he was going to the toilet, but instead grabbed his victim around the neck, drew a knife and attempted to slit his throat.

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The attacked teen reacted by pushing himself backwards and deflected the knife which cut his ear, leaving a wound that later required 15 stitches.

In the struggle both youths fell to the floor and the victim’s father rushed over just in time to see Butchoff plunging the knife into his son’s body.

He managed to stop the terrifying assault by striking his son’s attacker and forcing him to drop his weapon.

Butchoff then tried to flee the scene but was detained after being caught by a passing community police officer.

As the injured boy was lead to the ambulance, Butchoff shouted at him “I will kill you. Just wait until I get out.”

The victim was taken to hospital where he received treatment for a cut to his neck and a deep stab wound in his back.

Det Con Matthew Bennett, of Barnet CID, said: “Butchoff took not only a knife to this meeting but also a chilling resolve to do serious harm to another.

“It was only by the quick reactions of the victim that the consequences of his action did not result in a tragedy. Knife crime is a curse to our society and the police will do all they can to swiftly bring perpetrators to justice.

“Butchoff was detained moments after the crime and the personal cost of his actions quickly made apparent; I would urge young people not to blight their futures and the lives of others.”

Following his arrest Butchoff pleaded guilty to one count of Grievous Bodily Harm with intent.

Appearing at Wood Green Crown Court last Thursday, he was handed a seven year prison sentence and told he will serve a minimum three years before being considered for parole.