London Riots: 12 arrested in Camden

Twelve people were arrested in last night’s riots in Camden, which was targeted by looters along with other parts of the capital.

Sainsbury’s, Evans Cycles and Lal, a clothes shop, were among the hardest hit.

Pockets of disorder hit Camden from 8pm onwards, focusing mainly on Chalk Farm and Camden Town.

Camden officers were fully engaged across the borough and did not gain complete control until 5am.

Superintendent Roger Smalley said: “This is not a community relations issue between police and the community this is wanton criminality and vandalism that should not be tolerated by this or any other community.”

He added: “It was our intention to do all that we could to safeguard the shops of Camden which appeared to be the main focal point of attention.

“In particular high value cloth shops, mobile phone and electrical shops were targeted. Additionally my officers were the focal point of missiles and aggression.”

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No officers were injured in Camden and 12 arrests were made, although the disorder was on a smaller scale than what was going on Hackney, Peckham and Croydon.

Supt Smalley added: “We are working with all partners today to get the area back to normality as quickly as we can. Police presence will be maintained and enhanced to deal with any eventuality.”