Local MPs react to London Riots: Glenda Jackson wants tougher action

�The MP for Hampstead and Kilburn says she is in favour of the army being called in to help police restore law and order, in the wake of riots across London.

Glenda Jackson spoke out after three nights of violence, looting and arson attacks spread across London and spilled into Camden.

Ms Jackson, who is a Labour MP for the area, said: “My view is that if the police need additional support from the army, the army should be called in.

“The issue is that order must be restored to our streets. We cannot have situations like we have seen in the newspapers – where a woman was forced to leap from her burning flat, a man was shot dead in his car and families have been made homeless.”

She said there was no justification for the anarchy which broke out, adding: “There is nothing that would validate this behaviour. If anyone tries to put forward an argument for this unspeakable behaviour – that these young people have a political argument that no one is listening to – it’s completely untrue. I doubt they (the rioters) know the name of the Prime Minister, never mind their MP.”

The rioting began on Saturday evening in Tottenham, Haringey, after a peaceful protest over the death of Mark Duggan turned violent. Mr Duggan was shot by police on Thursday night and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is currently investigating circumstances of the shooting.

In Saturday’s riots, buildings which survived the Blitz were set alight in Tottenham and people’s homes and businesses burnt to the ground. Shops and restaurants in Tottenham and Wood Green were also looted.

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Haringey Council said that 45 residential properties had been badly damaged in Saturday’s riot and 29 residents had approached the council saying they needed emergency accommodation.

Initial estimates suggest the repairs to street furniture could cost in the region of �227,000, while restoring residential properties could cost as much as �9million.

Further destruction was caused on Sunday and Monday night across the capital when copycat rioters took to the streets and at times the police appeared powerless to stop them.

Thugs rampaged through the streets of Chalk Farm, Kentish Town and Camden Town on Monday night, attacking shops and a take-away restaurant.

In Muswell Hill, the Car Phone warehouse and an opticians were targeted, while Costa Coffee in Crouch End was also looted.

Lynne Featherstone, the Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green and Home Office Minister in the government, toured Tottenham and Wood Green on Monday with Nick Clegg to see the devastation caused by Saturday’s riots.

On Tuesday night Scotland Yard swamped London with 16,000 police officers in a show of strength aimed at ending the violence.

Ms Featherstone said yesterday: “The behaviour and violence is totally unacceptable.

“We must condemn the wanton violence and criminality that has ruined people’s livelihoods and lives.

“Why young people felt it was ok to do this begs many questions.”