Little Venice drug dealer jailed

Man sent to prison for two years for possessing 40kg of cannabis

A LITTLE VENICE drug dealer was sentenced to two years in prison last week after he accepted a delivery of 40 kilos of cannabis.

Stephen Bent, of Delamere Terrace, agreed to sign for a parcel containing the drugs after UK Border Agency staff intercepted it and arranged a controlled delivery.

The 24-year-old was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court to two years imprisonment for possession with intent to supply.

The package was intercepted by border staff at Heathrow on September 20 last year after it had arrived from South Africa.

Upon examination it was found to contain 40kg of cannabis hidden inside a specially constructed parcel of “South African Wine” advertising boards to conceal the drugs within it.

The package was addressed to Bent’s flat and Border Agency officials contacted Westminster police to arrange for a controlled delivery which would result in his arrest.

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The package was delivered on September 24 and Bent signed for it using a false name.

Shortly after the delivery, police entered the flat and arrested three people, including Best, for conspiracy to import controlled substances. The other two were subsequently released without charge.

When interviewed, Best claimed he was not expecting a parcel, but on seeing the delivery van he decided to sign for it, but used a false name to do so.

He was subsequently charged and pleaded guilty to the offences.

Det Sgt Vince Abrahart of Westminster Crime Squad said: “Best was clearly involved in the supply of drugs in the borough of Westminster and I hope that his sentence will go someway to severely disrupting and substantially reducing the supply of cannabis on the borough.”