Knife-point mugger put away for four years

A masked knife-wielding mugger has been put away for four years for snatching a phone just a few weeks after being released for another knife-point robbery.

Jason Harewood snuck up on a 42-year-old victim off Fortis Green in Muswell Hill at around 10.40pm on March 15. Holding a knife, the 19-year-old demanded the victim’s phone, cash, cards and pin numbers before ordering him not to call the police.

Officers tracked Harewood’s movements using a locating device on the stolen iPhone and the victim identified the teenage mugger in Islington.

Harewood, from Andover Road in Holloway, tried to flee but was eventually arrested after he was found hiding on a garage roof.

The teenager had previously been convicted of a similar mugging just yards from where he committed his latest offences.

Harewood pleaded guilty to one offence of robbery at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday (August 24). He was sentenced to four years in a young offenders institute

Investigating officer Det Con John said: “By carrying out a similar offence, he has shown a complete disregard for the criminal justice system and for the right of law abiding members of the public to go about their business without fear.

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“I am pleased that he will not be walking the streets for a significant period of time.”