Kentish Town weapons dealer has jail sentence extended

Darren Dixon, with the sawn-off shotgun and a knife recovered from his Kentish Town home

Weapons dealer Darren Dixon has been told to serve 11 years in prison, rather than eight - Credit: NCA

A firearms supplier's prison sentence has been extended by three years after Court of Appeal judges found he had been treated "unduly leniently". 

Darren Dixon, 32, of Kentish Town, was initially jailed for eight years in March this year after admitting 15 charges relating to the "importation, conversion and sale of prohibited firearms".

The charges also included manufacturing gunpowder and forgery of police ID documents.

A mugshot of Kentish Town weapons dealer Darren Dixon

Kentish Town man Darren Dixon will now have to serve 11 years in prison - Credit: NCA

After the CPS argued the eight-year sentence was too lenient, Lady Justice Thirlwell DBE, Mrs Justice Yip, and Jeremy Richardson QC decided Dixon should serve 11 years behind bars. 

He was arrested in October 2019 when  when police and the National Crime Agency (NCA) raided his Highgate Road home to find 26 firearms, along with explosives, gunpowder, live ammunition and zombie knives. 

A sawn-off shotgun was found in the bedroom of Dixon's infant daughter, while the NCA found he had purchased six firearms from a website based in Spain and a further three from a Slovenian website in the month prior to his arrest.