Jury discharged in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ sex assault case

Anthony Constantinou denies six sex assaults

Anthony Constantinou denies six sex assaults - Credit: Archant

A jury in the case of a ‘Wolf of Wall Street’-style sex assault case was dismissed today.

Anthony Constantinou, 34, head of Capital World Markets (CWM), is accused of six sexual assaults on three woman.

The tycoon, of Wildwood Road, Hampstead, denies the six charges.

All of the alleged attacks happened during drink-fuelled meetings at Constantinou’s office in the City of London.

He is said to have kissed or groped his alleged victims in the ladies toilet, a stock room, a utility room and a reception area.

One of the alleged victims claimed the atmosphere in the firm was similar to that in film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Today the jury was discharged by judge Mark Lucraft QC for reasons that cannot be reported.

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Constantinou is the youngest son of fashion tycoon Aristos Constantinou, who was gunned down in his Bishop’s Avenue mansion in 1985 when Anthony was three.

The unsolved case was dubbed the ‘Silver Bullet Murder’ due to the six nickel-jacketed bullets that ended Aristos’s rags-to-riches life.

He has been photographed socialising with Princess Beatrice and showing Princess Anne around his company premises after agreeing to sponsor the London Boat Show.