Hunt for Westbourne Park burglars who broke pensioner’s arm

A 78-year-old woman broke her arm when she tried to stop a burglary in Westbourne Park.

Police have issued CCTV images after the burglary on June 6 last year, when three suspects entered the house of the elderly woman’s neighbour.

One of the men claimed to be from a utilities company and then entered the house of the neighbour, aged 68, in Westbourne Park Road.

After he had gained access, two other men entered the woman’s house and searched for valuables.

One of the men quickly left before the woman and the 78-year-old neighbour began talking to another at the front door.

He also escaped and the 78-year-old then attempted to block the exit of the final man, who pushed her to the ground and broke her arm.

Anyone with information is asked to call Westminster Burglary Squad on 0207 321 6943 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.