Is this your jewellery? Highgate Police seeking owner of jewellery found after burglary in Crouch End

Jewellery found in Womersley Road in Crouch End after a burglary. Police are trying to trace its own

Jewellery found in Womersley Road in Crouch End after a burglary. Police are trying to trace its owner. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Met Police

At first glance, the jewellery looks like north London’s equivalent of the Staffordshire Hoard.

But this clutch of accessories, found outside a house in Womersley Road, has a far more simple background.

After a burglary took place in Crouch End, some of the items stolen were found in the street the next day. That property was returned, but some of the jewellery found among the swag didn’t belong to the victim of that burglary.

The police believe it’s a strong possibility that the items were also stolen. Investigations haven’t found an owner for the haul, which appears to include rings, a tie bar, brooches and a necklace.

The “K” and “M” letters rings may have some sort of relevance to the owner.

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Pc Allan Greig, of Highgate Safer Neighbourhood Team said police were unsure whether the jewellery belongs to one owner or several.

He said: “Police do sometimes come into possession of items believed to have been stolen and when sometimes establishing an owner can be an issue.

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“With regards to property, including jewellery, we would advise owners to take photographs of valuables and sentimental items and consider property marking them with SmartWater.

“This gives the item of property a unique identifiable mark which enables police to find an owner, progress cases and return stolen property which is always a great thing to be able to do.”

If you believe it belongs to you, Highgate police can be contacted on: 020 8721 2673

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