Forty youths in Hornsey street fight

Late-night disturbance in residential area leaves homeowners fearing for their safety

The latest violent incident in the Campsbourne Estate area has left neighbours concerned about what appears to be escalating troubles in the vicinty.

Police were called to the Campsfield Road and Newland Road area at about 1.25am last Thursday after several reports of 40 young men causing a disturbance.

As officers attempted to disperse the group, a marked police car parked in Campsbourne Road was damaged. No arrests were made.

The incident is not being linked to the double stabbing in North View Road and Park Avenue North in the early hours of Saturday August 21, said a Haringey police spokeswoman.

This investigation has come to a dead-end after both victims refused to substantiate the allegations, she revealed.

In the latest incident, residents in Newland Road and the surrounding area were woken by shouting after the brawl broke out on the corner of the road near the Campsbourne Play Centre.

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Witnesses say they saw missiles being thrown and the alarm at the play centre was set off, forcing a key holder to attend in the middle of the night. It is believed there was no damage to the building.

One resident, who lives near where the disturbance took place, said: “Our nice florists on the High Street had their window and equipment smashed. There was the double stabbing and now this.

“It just seems to have kicked off. I’d like to think the police have intelligence on why there has been this recent rise in trouble.

“A friend, who made sure she was not seen, said she was woken by the noise.

“She thought they were throwing things at each other and it could have been paint.

“Why are they coming to this area instead of somewhere where they wouldn’t bother anyone?

“I think the general feeling is that as long as they are beating each other no-one cares – but you don’t want it going on outside your front door.

“When this happens outside your front door, it’s a frightening thing.”

A police spokeswoman said: “The men hospitalised after the stabbings were later discharged.

“Haringey CID launched an investigation but the victims did not wish to substantiate the allegations.

“If we receive any further information we will obviously investigate further.

“We are not linking the stabbings to the latest disturbance on the Campsbourne Estate.”