Former Fortismere pupil stabbed by cheating fiancee

A FORMER Fortismere pupil was stabbed to death by his fiancee, just hours after she slept with his best friend.

Lithuanian Ruta Turauskaite, then 19, was in bed at Arnoldas Bekker’s home when boyfriend Tadas Sabaitas, who previously attended the Muswell Hill school arrived and accused him of sleeping with her.

Mr Bekker lied and denied the claim but Turauskaite then argued with the 22-year-old and plunged a carving knife into his heart.

The friend called the emergency services as Turauskaite begged: “Say some girl passing stabbed him. Please don’t tell them it was me.”

She told the court Mr Sabaitas had run on to the knife as she stood at the front door but was unanimously convicted of murder by an Old Bailey jury on Tuesday.

Turauskaite, now 20, could face a minimum term of 25 years when she is sentenced next month.

The court heard Mr Sabaitas came to the UK from Lithuania aged six and attended Fortismere school in Muswell Hill, north London.

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He met Turauskaite during a visit to his homeland and she moved into his home in Kessock Close, Tottenham, north London, in November last year.

The relationship faltered and she began having sex with Arnoldas Bekker.

“Tadas Sabaitas knew something of the relationship but did not know the extent of it,” said prosecutor David Fisher QC.

On the evening of Saturday April 3 this year all three were at Mr Bekker’s home on High Cross Road, Tottenham, after a Greek meal.

At one point Mr Sabaitas left the flat and Turauskaite had sex with Mr Bekker on the sofa.

When Mr Sabaitas returned he had a ‘very long and noisy argument’ with Turauskaite

The couple were then told to leave the flat but a few minutes later Mr Bekker heard a scream.

“He rushed back to the front area and there he saw Tadas Sabaitas lying on the floor bleeding,” Mr Fisher said.

Turauskaite said her fiancee had regularly beaten her up an attacked her on the night he died.

She said he was locked out of the flat and she opened the door to leave with a knife in her hand for protection.

“I saw he was walking very fast. The knife was shaking in my hand. I was just standing. Everything happened very quickly,” she told the jury.

“When I was holding the knife he approached me then stepped back. As I was holding the knife I looked at Tadas.

“As he was looking at me he lifted his jumper. Then I checked the blade of the knife. I couldn’t understand what had happened.

“I ran into the house and dropped the knife somewhere. When I ran back I saw a lot of blood.”

Judge Paul Worsley QC adjourned sentence to a date to be fixed next month, after agreeing to a defence request for a psychologist’s report in to whether or not Turauskaite is or was suffering from depression.

The judge allowed 28 days for the preparation of the report before sentencing.

He told her: “It is important the court has all the possible help to assist with that task.

“As you will also know the court will be considering whether the appropriate starting point for such a minimum term is one of 25 years - parliament having determined from March this year that those who take with them weapons to commit murder are likely to merit a starting point of 25 years to serve.”

Turauskaite, of Kessock Close, Tottenham, north London, had denied murder.