Flasher Deliveroo driver upskirted women in Westfield, KFC and Mooboo

The defendants pleaded not guilty at Wood Green Crown Court. Picture: John Stillwell/PA

Italo Souza was sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court - Credit: PA

A married Deliveroo driver who flashed three women and filmed under the skirts of another three victims has been ordered to carry out unpaid community work.

Italo Souza, 22, of Brent, filmed a 28-second video as he pointed his phone upward behind an unsuspecting female on an escalator in Shepherd’s Bush Westfield on July 8 this year.

Ten days later he exposed himself to three lone women as he rode around West Hampstead on his moped in the afternoon. 

As a self-employed driver for the food delivery company, he had accepted jobs dropping off items from Pasta Evangelists and Co-op in between the flashing incidents.

That same day he filmed a further two women beneath their clothing without their consent; one at a KFC restaurant in Edgeware Road, the other at the Mooboo bubble tea shop in Parkway, Camden.

Souza was given an 18-month community order - including 100 hours of unpaid work and a 30-day rehabilitation activity requirement - at Wood Green Crown Court today (November 17).

He had previously pleaded guilty to three counts of exposure and three counts of voyeurism.

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Senior Prosecutor, Gillian Travers, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Italo Souza exposed himself to three lone women in broad daylight making them feel vulnerable, scared and uncomfortable.

"One victim described seeing Souza holding his camera phone in one hand while exposing himself and smirking at her, adding to her distress.

“He also filmed three different women under their clothing without their consent in public places, including at a KFC and below an ascending escalator in Westfield shopping centre.

"This is illegal and a grave invasion of privacy.

"Although we do not know the identity of these women, we used the recently enhanced legal tools available to us to prosecute these upskirting offences.

“The prosecution case included strong witness testimony from three victims and CCTV footage of Souza riding around north London on his moped wearing distinctive orange shorts.

“Women should be free to go about their lives without having their privacy invaded in this vile way or being sexually intimidated.

“Exposure and voyeurism may indicate a propensity to commit more serious sexual offences."