Fine for Camden designer who vomited in taxi and refused to pay cleaning bill

Jonsson threw up in the back of a taxi and then refused to pay the cleaning bill. Picture: Jonathan

Jonsson threw up in the back of a taxi and then refused to pay the cleaning bill. Picture: Jonathan Brady - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

An interior designer who was sick in the back of a taxi and yelled racist abuse at the driver when he asked him to pay the cleaning bill has been fined.

Adrian Jonsson, 23, of Stanhope Street, Euston, called a taxi driver “a Jewish mother f****r” after vomiting on the back seat of the car, Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday.

He had called a taxi after a drunken night out on April 18.

But the driver was forced to pull over in Chelsea when Jonsson threw up in the back of the taxi, magistrates heard.

The court was then told that when asked to pay his fare plus a £59 cleaning charge, he yelled: “You’re a Jewish mother f****r, you’re being a c***, let me out”, before he staggered out of the vehicle.

But in his inebriated state, Jonsson had left his bank card on the back seat and police were able to track him down.

Jonsson admitted using racially aggravated threatening words or behaviour and making off without payment at his first appearance in court on Tuesday.

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A third count of using threatening words or behaviour was dropped.

Fining Jonsson £375, district judge Michael Snow said: “Well Mr Jonsson, this is going to be a very expensive night out for you.

“It’s deeply offensive to swear at someone – to make reference to their religion makes it doubly so.

“You were drunk, and taxi drivers are always at risk of this kind of behaviour.”

Jonsson’s defence lawyer Marilyn Vitte said: “He’s very remorseful for his actions, that’s indicated in his guilty pleas which were entered at the earliest available opportunity.

“He made full admissions in interview, he was disgusted by his behaviour.

“He can’t remember being in the taxi due to being heavily intoxicated.

“He’s willing to compensate the driver in full and pay any costs – I would submit his remorse is genuine.”

On top of his fine, Jonsson was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £85.