‘Evidence tampering’ Camden detective made colleague feel ‘uncomfortable’, court hears

Carl Ryan, who is charged with misconduct in a public office, outside court (Picture: Central News)

Carl Ryan, who is charged with misconduct in a public office, outside court (Picture: Central News) - Credit: central news

A Camden-based detective accused of hampering investigations into six sex cases made a female colleague feel “uncomfortable, alienated and isolated”, a court heard.

DC Carl Ryan, 35, failed to send off vital DNA evidence for analysis, Southwark Crown Court has heard.

He allegedly then falsified entries on the police log system between 2010 and 2012.

Det Con Kelly Ward, who worked with Ryan in the Camden and Islington branch of the Sapphire Unit, said the workload was “manageable.”

When asked about her working relationship with Ryan, she said: “I didn’t enjoy working with him, I worked out quickly I would rather complete my own tasks than rely on Carl to assist me in any way.

“I was aware he was struggling at some point during that period, myself and another officer would offer our assistance but it would always be declined.”

DC Ward said Ryan would allegedly take on more work, just so he could blame his workload if he was found to have made mistakes or not meeting his deadlines.

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Ryan has blamed his boss DS Richard King, saying his incompetence was to blame.

Asked about their relationship, DC Ward said: “They were close and friendly in the office to the point it made me feel uncomfortable, alienated and isolated within my own team.”

Ryan’s lies resulted in the early closure of three serious cases, jurors were told, including that of a woman who had been sexually assaulted at knifepoint.

In a fourth case, Ryan allegedly cooked up witness statements of four members of staff at the Whittington Hospital and then signed them in their names.

Prosecutor Eloise Marshall has described Ryan as “a believable and manipulative liar”.

Ryan, of Cemmaes Court Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, denies six counts of misconduct in a public office.

The case continues.