Music manager Bright Akinleye, 22, killed for social media revenge, Old Bailey hears

Bright Akinleye, 22, was fatally stabbed in Starcross Street.

Bright Akinleye, 22, was fatally stabbed in Starcross Street. - Credit: Archant

The murder of a music manager was the result of a feud on social media, the Old Bailey has heard.

On February 18 last year, shortly before 11pm, Bright Akinleye, of Abbey Wood, south east London, was stabbed three times in a flat in Starcross Street, Euston.

Abdoulie Ceesay, 28, of St Norbert Road, Lewisham; Silas Loko, 27, of Tenterden House, Southwark; Oliver Petts, 30, of Swiftsden Way, Bromley; and Tashawn Brewster, 31, of Kennington Park Road, Kennington, all deny Mr Akinleye's murder.

As the trial opened on Tuesday (January 28) the court was told that, during the incident, the 22-year-old wrestled hold of the hunting knife with which he was stabbed. He fled to the foyer of a nearby hotel, where he collapsed and died.

Earlier that evening, the victim shot a drill music video in Deptford, the second part of which was to be filmed in the Euston flat – rented as an Air BnB – where he was later stabbed.

Prosecutor Simon Denison QC said the attack was planned. "Bright Akinleye had been in a long-running dispute with twin brothers from the Aylesbury estate in Southwark called Jospin and Elvis Mayamba," Mr Denison said.

"At the end of 2018 Bright had posted an online video [on Snapchat] that showed Jospin Mayamba being manhandled and disrespected by a group of people and it appears that there was a war of words between them that continued in the early part of 2019.

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"A few days before the murder, on February 15, Bright had contacted on Instagram the twins' older brother Chris Mayamba, who was then serving a sentence of imprisonment at a prison in Nottinghamshire.

"Instead of resolving anything they taunted each other, and it ended with a threat from Mayamba to Bright: 'When stuff go wrong for u or ur friends Mum [sic] just remember I said I don't do verbal'."

Mr Denison told the court both men threatened to use "waps" (a term for guns), and Bright was told he was "in trouble" before he replied: "I know where your brothers lay their head so keep up this wicked chat."

As friends of the Mayamba twins, the court heard Ceesay, Loko, Petts and Brewster exchanged calls and planned a retaliatory attack.

The prosecution accused Brewster of taking the knife to Euston and stabbing Mr Akinleye; Ceesay of being an assailant in the murder; Petts of driving the attackers away from the scene; and Loko of coordinating events over the phone.

The trial continues.