Domestic abuse on the rise in Barnet, Haringey and Camden 

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A spokesperson for the Met said domestic abuse remains an "under-reported and largely hidden crime type" - Credit: PA

Rates of domestic abuse have been on the rise in Barnet, Camden and Haringey, indicate the rolling 12-month offending trends in each borough. 

According to the Mayor of London’s domestic and sexual violence dashboard, Haringey recorded the highest number of incidents of the three, with 3,304 shown as of January 2022. 

This is more than Barnet’s figure of 3,287 and Camden’s 2,230, though far less than Croydon’s 5,252, the highest of London's boroughs. 

Prior to the recent increase, both Haringey and Camden had witnessed drops in their rolling statistics.  

Haringey’s numbers decreased from March 2019 until the end of 2020, with a low of 3,011 domestic abuse incidents over the 12-month period to July 2020, before steadily rising to its current figure. 

Camden had similarly experienced a drop, if shorter-lived than Haringey’s, between January and August 2021, before growing again. 

Barnet has, other than a few small reductions, seen a rise since February 2018, which is the earliest month the dashboard shows figures for rolling 12-month trends. 

When looking at domestic abuse rates for January 2022 alone, Haringey and Camden both recorded notable drops, with Haringey reporting 238 down from 283 in December, and Camden 176 compared to December’s 194. 

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The data shows that following lockdowns, each borough experienced both spikes and reductions in its figures.

For example, Haringey jumped from 227 incidents in March 2020 to 286 in April, but then dropped to 233 in May, rising to 293 in September, and then down to 220 by November. 

Barnet rose to 294 by July 2020, but maintained largely below-average numbers before rising sharply in April 2021. It has since consistently reported above-average rates of domestic abuse. 

A spokesperson for the Met said the force is committed to tackling domestic abuse, pointing to its £11 million investment in supporting officers to recover digital evidence and its adoption of the Domestic Abuse Matters programme as proof of its efforts. 

They added: “Domestic abuse is still an under-reported and largely hidden crime type and there is often an overlap between domestic abuse and violence in many forms.  

“If you are experiencing domestic abuse or know someone who you think is a victim, call police, or Crimestoppers anonymously.  

“You can also report online via:” 

Camden, Barnet and Haringey also reported record numbers of sexual offences in 2021, something the Met said it is "working tirelessly to combat".