Disabled parking blue badge fraud doubled in Camden last year

A total of 374 fake disabled blue badge parking permits were seized by Camden Council’s fraud team last year.

The figure rose significantly from the 188 counterfeit badges seized in 2010 and the false permits were registered as far away as Northern Ireland and Glasgow.

The council said some of the seized permits were fakes, others had been altered, and some motorists were using blue badges belonging to dead people.

Cllr Sue Vincent, Cabinet member for environment, said: “It is unacceptable that so many people consider the misuse of a blue badge as victimless.

“They are snatching away vital parking spaces reserved for the genuinely disabled that need convenient parking to go about their daily lives.

“The council will continue to take the strongest possible action against anyone found to be abusing the system.”

More than 60 dishonest drivers were fined and 29 people prosecuted for blue badge fraud by the council last year.