CS11 protesters deny throwing tacks in the road to injure cyclists in Regent’s Park

A file picture of cyclists commuting to work through Hyde Park Picture: PA images

A file picture of cyclists commuting to work through Hyde Park Picture: PA images - Credit: EMPICS Entertainment

They say the allegations are part of a smear campaign against them by cyclists who want to see CS11 implemented in North West London.

As reported in the Ham&High five or six cyclists claim they got punctured tyres from the tacks in the Outer and Inner circles.

Jessica Learmond-Criqui, who is leading a campaign to stop thd cycle superhighway from being built, said: “If the tacks on the road were placed there deliberately that is criminal, homicidal irresponsibility and should be condemned by anyone and everyone. But tacks are not just anti cyclist its anti motorist too.

“I understand that there may be long-running tensions between training cyclists and residents and or motorists in the park. I have never met anyone involved in objecting to CS11 who would countenance or condone putting tacks on the road.

CS11 objectors are not anti-cyclist and we have made that clear on many occasions. Any suggestion otherwise is provocative and designed purposefully to stir discontent.”

She also accused the cyclists of using the park as a race track to train on and say they want the park closed to traffic regardless of the impact on the local community.

Justin McKie of Regents Park Cyclists said it was lucky nobody was injured in the incidents on October 13 and 21.

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He reported both to police and the Royal Parks.

There is no evidence of deliberate sabotage.