CCTV linked to Kentish Town armed robbery revealed

DRAMATIC CCTV linked to an armed robbery in Kentish Town has been released by police.

The Flying Squad has released footage of a Finsbury Park shopkeeper grappling with a violent armed robber just minutes after a similar robbery on Fortess Road.

Officers are currently hunting two men suspected of both of the crimes.

The images capture the moment, at 9.45pm on 21 December, the brave 46-year-old shopkeepers and his son, aged 25, tried to fend off the robbers despite them being armed with a handgun and a large knife.

Both suspects and victims were then involved in a struggle, with the knifeman repeatedly trying to stab the shopkeeper and the gunman pistol-whipping his son.

The robbers eventually fled empty-handed from the Gonca supermarket at 116 Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park, leaving the victims cut and bruised and very lucky to have escaped more serious injury.

Police say that the robbery is believed to be connected to the armed robbery which took place at ‘MyShop’ on Fortess Road just minutes earlier at 9.37pm.

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In a similar sequence of events two suspects armed with a pistol and a large knife entered the venue, threatened staff and demanded cash from the till.