Car abandoned in Highgate Hill after crash

The aftermath of the crash in Highgate Hill

The aftermath of the crash in Highgate Hill - Credit: Archant

A car was abandoned in Highgate following a crash in the early hours of yesterday.

The empty vehicle was discovered at the junction of Highgate Hill and Hornsey Lane in the early hours of bank holiday Monday.

Simon Briscoe, who stumbled across the scene during his morning dog walk said: “There have been several accidents around here and it’s particularly a problem in the evenings and at night when this road is clear.

“And because Highgate Hill is one of the steeper roads in London people speed through it and cars go hurtling down it at speeds which mean drivers cannot really be in control and then accidents like this happen.”

In December 2015, the Ham&High reported on a series of crashes that blighted the area.

A Mercedes was abandoned near the exact same crash site after traffic lights were found lying on the ground and a Toyota smashed through the front window of Popes Eye steak restaurant, located just metres away.

Currently only half of the traffic signals at the junction are operational and Mr Briscoe isn’t optimistic that a solution to a reoccurring problem will be found soon.

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He said: “When this happened last time it took two months before the lights were fully repaired.”

Mr Briscoe added: “We’re being told to walk more and cycle more but why would people feel more confident about walking around the street when there is regularly accidents? When will the authorities do something to make this road safer?”

A Met Police statement said: “On arrival there were no occupants of the vehicle and enquiries are underway to trace those involved.

“At this stage no arrests have been made.”