Camden woman ‘made Tyson Fury look like an amateur’ during assault on two police officers

Molly Russell leaving court (Picture: Central News)

Molly Russell leaving court (Picture: Central News) - Credit: central news

A teenager made world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury “look like an amateur” when she attacked two police officers in a hotel, a court heard.

Molly Russell, 19, slipped her handcuffs “like Houdini” before assaulting Pc James Koston and Pc Christian Piedersen after drinking two bottles of vodka.

Russell, of Munster Square, Camden, was arrested after throwing a credit card machine at a receptionist at the

Pembridge Palace Hotel in Bayswater.

Westminster Crown Court heard Russell had claimed to have caught her hand in the lift and wanted compensation.

Edward Aydin, prosecuting, said: “The receptionist asked Ms Russell about the incident and Ms Russell began to shout, swear, picked up a credit card machine and threw it at the receptionist.

“Ms Russell then came towards the reception desk, grabbed the victim’s hair and pulled her to the floor.”

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Police were called, and she was abusive to officers, Mr Aydin said. “All of a sudden, like Houdini, she managed to miraculously slip out of the left handcuff.

“With her right wrist and handcuff dangling she violently – with force – swung a haymaker punch straight out of the boxing textbook towards Pc Pederson.

“He dodged the punch, and Ms Russell fell down.”

But she then launched a “donkey kick” against Pc Koston.

The prosecutor said: “She let rip into the two police officers with incredible power and gusto.

“Her punches and footwork would have made Tyson Fury look like an amateur.”

In police interview, Russell said she did not recall the whole incident on April 6 this year, but that she had drunk two bottles of vodka and some Becks.

Russell admitted two charges of assaulting a constable in the execution of his duty.

Ben Stuttard, defending, described it as an isolated incident and said: “She was remorseful in interview at the police station, admitting the offence at the earliest opportunity.

“She thinks MDMA may

have been in the communal drinks she was sharing with her friends.”

Russell was given a six month community order.

She must also perform a 15-day activity, be under curfew for four weeks, and pay costs and a victim surcharge of £85 each.