Camden teacher pleads guilty to sexually abusing pre-teen girl

A teacher in Camden has admitted sexually abusing a child – but court restrictions mean he cannot be named.

The 39-year-old, who teaches at a Camden school, pleaded guilty on Friday (September 21) at Harrow Crown Court to sexual activity with a female under the age of 13.

But guidance imposed by His Honour Judge Dunne, who released the teacher on bail until October 18, has restricted reporting of the case.

Cleland Thom, a legal advisor to UK media organisations, criticised the restrictions, and said: “Parents have a right to know his name, where he worked, and what the head and governors are doing about it.

“Not allowing this teacher and this school to be named casts a slur on other schools in the area.”

A parent at the school where the teacher works said: “It is our right as parents to be kept fully informed at all times.”

The parent added: “The parents have been given no solid facts and were advised to speak to the NSPCC if they were worried.”

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A Section 39 Order, under the Children and Young People’s Act, has been imposed on the court proceedings, which bans any information being published that could identify the victim.

Mike Dodd, legal editor at the Press Association, added that the Section 39 order was “utterly unnecessary” because existing legislation would protect the victim’s identity.