Camden sixth former knifed to death by host of party he gatecrashed

Victim Shaquan Sammy-Plummer [Photograph from Metropolitsn Police]

Victim Shaquan Sammy-Plummer [Photograph from Metropolitsn Police] - Credit: Archant

A Camden sixth form student was stabbed to death by the host of a party he tried to gatecrash, a court heard.

LaSWap student Shaquan Sammy-Plummer, 17, was knifed in the chest by Jemal Williams, 21, outside the party in Winchmore Hill, north London.

Williams had refused him entry because he didn’t recognise him, saying ‘You have five seconds to move from my door’.

Shaquan did not know anyone at the party, but arrived with two friends who did.

Williams became angry with the friends, saying ‘What are you bringing next people [strangers] to my house?’

He then left the front door to get a knife, it is claimed, and stabbed Shaquan in the chest as he was turning to walk away, the Old Bailey heard.

The victim was so surprised by the attack he did not realise he had been been stabbed telling friends ‘he banged [punched] me’.

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Shaquan, who worked part-time at Waitrose, was declared dead shortly after being airlifted to hospital on January 30 2015.

The police investigation was hampered by witnesses’ refusal to cooperate with the police, the Old Bailey heard.

Williams was arrested ten days after the murder, but was only re-arrested and charged in October last year.

He and his sister Amber had been throwing a joint house party on the night of Shaquan’s death.

Williams told the court he was only trying to limit the number of guests so he wouldn’t get in trouble with his mum. He claimed Shaquan had pulled out a knife when he told him he couldn’t come in.

The case continues