Camden police officer sacked after failing drugs test

PC Smart was dismissed after failing a random drugs test (picture: stock)

PC Smart was dismissed after failing a random drugs test (picture: stock) - Credit: Archant

A Camden police officer was today dismissed after testing positive for cannabis.

PC April Smart cried at the misconduct hearing as she was told she would be stripped of her title following a failed random drugs test.

Commander Mak Chisty led the panel and told Smart: “The public expect a higher standard of behaviour from officers than this.”

Smart’s defence argued that, as this was a first-time occurrence, dismissal would be a harsh sanction. They also claimed that the incident was a “lack of judgement” and that Smart had not known she was ingesting cannabis at the time.

The panel found discreditable conduct to be proven and that this amounted to gross misconduct.

Commander Chisty said: “On the basis of the evidence, the panel consider that PC Smart knowingly or unknowingly ingested cannabis sometime between the drugs test on April 20 2014 and seven days previous.

“PC Smart has failed to offer a considerable explanation.”

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As he concluded, he acknowledged that Smart was a “passionate and proud member of the force” but added: “Having considered the options it remains my decision to dismiss the officer.”