Camden PC sacked for punching man and calling him ‘posh twat’

Police were called to reports of a stabbing

Police were called to reports of a stabbing - Credit: Archant

A Camden police constable has been sacked for punching a member of the public he was arresting and hurling abuse at him, calling him a ‘posh twat’

A police misconduct hearing heard how PC Shane Moulds assaulted the man after he spotted him from his police van kicking a road sign in Agar Grove, Camden, on September 21 2014.

A Metropolitan police statement said: “Two of PC Moulds’ colleagues exited the van and detained the man.”

“On approaching his colleagues and the detained man it was alleged that PC Moulds “asked the man some questions, calling him an “idiot” and then called him “a posh twat,”

Moulds then then pulled him to the police van using abusive language as he put him inside before punching him.

The statement said: “Moulds lifted him up so that his upper body was over the driver’s seat. As the man was bent over that seat and whilst Moulds held his left arm behind his back Moulds struck him with his hand twice to the back, side or head, shouting “you f*****g spit in my van!”

PC Shane Moulds had denied the allegations and that his conduct amounted to breaches of the standards of professional behaviour.

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Four other serving officers who witnessed the arrest gave evidence to the hearing.

The Met statement said: “Having fully considered all matters, the panel found the allegations proven as gross misconduct in respect of PC Moulds.”

A second Camden officer PC Steve Hartrey, who had faced similar allegations in relation to the incident, was cleared and will return to his job after the panel ruled the case against him as not proven.