Camden has highest number of reported rapes in London as attacks increase by 39 per cent

The waiting list at Solace Women's Aid in Camden is now at an all-time high Picture: Solace Women's

The waiting list at Solace Women's Aid in Camden is now at an all-time high Picture: Solace Women's Aid - Credit: Solace Women's Aid

Rape in Camden has increased by the largest amount in the capital in the last year, according to new statistics.

The figures, released by the Mayor of London, show the crime has increased by 39.7 per cent in the last year. There were 285 instances of rape reported between September 2016 and 2017.

Domestic violence also increased by 11.3pc, however sexual violence fell by 4pc.

The increase is part of a London-wide trend over the last twelve months.

Rape increased by 19.5pc in the capital, with 7095 reported rapes taking place.

The waiting list for Solace Women’s Aid, which works in Camden, is at an all time high.

The charity supports women across London who are victims of sexual violence or rape. It provides a helpline for women, advice if they go through the justice system, and counselling.

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Alex Siepel, from the charity, said there had been a huge increase in victims getting in contact, which had affected waiting lists.

She said: “The news that after taking the step to come forward, you have to wait 12 months is really devastating for some women.”

“There isn’t always the support there for women because of funding cuts as well, and we’re calling on the community to get involved.”

At a Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board meeting in December, Det Supt Treena Fleming said crimes like rape, domestic violence and abuse were chronically under reported.

Ms Siepal said: “The increase in Camden are particularly shocking.

“The reality is we can’t say we don’t know why there is this increase. We know it’s something that is under reported, but we also know the subject is being talked about more and more.”

Solace has launched its “stand together” campaign, which is aiming to raise £50,000 for new rape counselling services.

The initiative has the backing of Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

Mr Khan said: “Keeping Londoners safe is my number-one priority but violence against women and girls is on the rise.

“As a long term supporter of the work of Solace Women’s Aid, I’m proud to support their #StandTogether campaign and the work they’re doing to support victims of rape and sexual assault.”