‘Camden glamour model secretly filmed in sex act by PR voyeur,’ court hears

Naushad Faruk. Picture: Central News.

Naushad Faruk. Picture: Central News. - Credit: © Jamie Lorriman/Central News

A glamour model from Camden sobbed as she described how a cameraman persuaded her to engage in a sex act with him by threatening to take away the Chihuahua puppy he had given her as a gift.

He then secretly filmed the act using hidden cameras and tricked her into stripping off for a fake cover shoot for men’s magazine Loaded, Blackfriars Crown Court heard.

Naushad Faruk, a PR cameraman also known as Johnny Na$h, who had become “obsessed” with the model, set up fake email addresses and hired a stylist for the shoot at a Mayfair flat last February.

Mr Jonathan Loades, prosecuting, told how the 26-year-old model, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had a successful career posing for men’s magazines.

She met Faruk when she was 22 at a celebrity hotel opening. They became Facebook friends and would meet at social events.

Faruk began accompanying her to jobs and styling and filming her photoshoots.

Mr Loades said: “She formed the view he was a harmless friendly man who had her best interests at heart.”

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As the “professional friendship” developed, he began to buy her gifts including a mobile phone and a pedigree Chihuahua dog.

He said: “It became clear he was rather keener on her than she was on him. He would talk to her about marrying her, that he wanted to sleep with her. He would pester her to have sex with him. She refused.”

The model realised he had become “completely obsessed” with her when he had the image of her face tattooed on his arm.

Giving evidence from behind a screen, she told the court: “I was terrified. Why would you go to have a tattoo done unless you were completely obsessed?”

She said that when she tried to break off the relationship, he told her that the dog was registered in his name and he would take it away unless she had sex with him.

She broke down in tears as she told the jury: “When he gave her to me, I obviously became her mother...She was my baby. I was horrified to find out she wasn’t in my name and I realised he had a hook on me. I was so in love with her, he knew I couldn’t be away from her.

“This happened quite a few times and it was very traumatic and I got very depressed.”

Mr Loades told the jury that after being “pestered to desperation” she struck a bargain and agreed that he could perform a sex act on her.

The jury was shown a 40-minute video filmed in the summer of 2012 which showed Faruk setting up the camera, the model arriving and sexual activity taking place with music in the background.

Mr Loades said: “She was unaware of the camera and had she been asked, she would have said ‘no’.”

He described how after the incident Faruk continued to pester her so she decided to cut him out of her life but he continued to text her and was spotted waiting outside her home in his car several times.

On one occasion she called Kentish Town police but was too scared to press charges. “I just wanted to be left alone,” she said.

In January 2014, she described how she received an email claiming to be from “Jason, the head of Loaded magazine” inviting her to a photoshoot which “looked very professional.”

She corresponded with the sender over email for about a month and was told the shoot would take place at The Shard, in Southwark. However, on the day, the location changed to a luxury flat in Park Lane.

She said: “I thought it was odd. I was told not to bring a companion to the shoot.”

When she went into the apartment she became more suspicious. “It didn’t feel right. Everyone looked confused,” she said.

She told how she discovered Mr Faruk was in a bedroom and although furious at first, decided to “be professional” and carry on with the shoot.

A week later she received a call from “the real Jason” at Loaded. “He said he had no knowledge of the shoot. He hadn’t requested a shoot,” she said.

It was soon afterwards that Faruk sent her a YouTube link to the video he had taken without her consent with the message: “No one has seen this yet. What happens next is up to you. Stop bad-mouthing me to everyone.”

Faruk denies a charge of voyeurism by recording the model without her consent for his own sexual gratification between August 1 and September 30 2012 and a charge of fraud in relation to the fake Loaded photoshoot in February 2012.

Faruk, of Barnet, also denies using hidden cameras to record another model and an escort girl without their consent between 2013 and 2014, two further charges of fraud relating to the Loaded shoot, and two counts of perverting the course of justice for breaking court orders.

The trial continues.