Calvin Bungisa: Murder victim’s mum uses inquest to beg police to make progress in unsolved case

Calvin Bungisa. Picture: Met Police

Calvin Bungisa. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Archant

More than 18 months after his murder, an inquest heard how Calvin Bungisa desperately ran for his life in the seconds before four males brutally attacked him.

CCTV footage of the VW Bora officers think was used as a getaway vehicle for Calvin Bungisa's killer

CCTV footage of the VW Bora officers think was used as a getaway vehicle for Calvin Bungisa's killers in April. - Credit: Archant

Calvin’s mother, attending the inquest at St Pancras Coroner’s Court by video-link, begged police to make progress with the stalled investigation.

Det Sgt Stephen Elliott told the court that six individuals have been arrested, and there are two “outstanding suspects”. He said there was a critical lack of evidence tying anyone to the scene of the attack in Grafton Road, Gospel Oak.

Speaking directly to Det Sgt Elliott, Calvin’s mother Celine said: “Please – I need you to find the people who killed Calvin.” READ MORE: CCTV released of getaway car used in Calvin Bungisa’s murder

Mary Hassell, senior coroner for inner North London, ruled he had been unlawfully killed, saying: “In terms of how Calvin came by his death, it is clear to me that he was stabbed repeatedly by several persons.”

In a statement given last June and read out by the coroner, Calvin’s cousin Helije Bungisa, who he was with at the time of the attack, said after spending the day together on April 1 2019, they got out of a taxi in Weedington Road, to find another car full of knife-wielding males bearing down on them.

He continued: “We both made our way to the left side of the pavement. When I looked I could see the door open. The men who got out were carrying knives, bigger than kitchen knives. He (Calvin) said: ‘Look, run.’

“There had been a lot going on in the area, so we knew what time it was.”

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Helije said that, although Calvin had taken a phone call which “alarmed him” earlier that afternoon, he was not aware of anyone who had wanted to harm them.

He said: “I believe Calvin and I were in the wrong place at the wrong time. There’s a lot of conflict going on between people from NW5 and NW1.”

A local taxi driver who’s dashcam caught the shocking murder had his interview with police read out in court. He said the four men were carrying “swords” and added: “I think they came prepared.

“They killed him in just a few seconds, and then they ran away.”

Det Sgt Elliott said: “We have made a number of arrests - so far six people have been arrested - and there are two outstanding suspects we are keen to interview, but they are not available to us at the moment.”