Builder who pinched woman’s bum glassed by boyfriend in West Hampstead bar

A boyfriend smashed a glass into the head of a Ukrainian builder for pinching his girlfriend’s bottom in a West Hampstead bar, a court heard.

Benjamin Barnes, 23, who is Spanish, rammed a half pint glass into Shepend Cahami’s face after he approached his girlfriend at the Lower Ground Bar in West End Lane and struck up conversation on April 2 last year.

The glass shattered on impact, leaving Mr Cahami with deep 2cm gashes in his face that have scarred him for life, Blackfriars Crown Court heard on March 26.

Defence counsel William Walsh said Mr Cahami had “pinched, touched or slapped” the bottom of Barnes’ girlfriend.

Judge Deva Pillay deferred sentence for six months to allow Barnes, from Albion Avenue in Clapham, to show he is not a violent man.

But he warned Barnes could still face jail time.

“I take into account the references I have received from the many people, of mature years, if I can call them that, who say positive things about you,” the judge said.

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“It is down to you to prove that violence is not a way which you are prepared to go.”

Barnes pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent.