Brave Hampstead woman fights of motorcycle muggers

�Two motorcycle muggers got more than they bargained for when a high-flying estate agent scuppered their plans – with moves more akin to those of a secret agent.

Vivienne Harris, owner of Heathgate Estate Agents in Hampstead, was chatting with a friend next to her car on Hampstead Way on Saturday afternoon when a motorbike screeched to a halt next to her.

Before she knew it a man jumped off the back and grabbed her arm – trying to steal a stainless steel watch from her wrist.

Ms Harris said: “He grabbed me and I started kicking and flailing about so he grabbed my left leg. With my right leg I started kicking him as hard as I could between his legs.

“He dragged me along the pavement but I wouldn’t stop kicking and screaming help, help, help – there was no way he was going to get my watch from me.”

Eventually the attacker – described as skinny, eastern European with a black and white helmet – jumped up and ran back to the bike.

But his accomplice demanded he go back and try again.

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Instead, the mugger noticed Ms Harris’ bag laying on the seat of her soft top car – the roof was down because of the beautiful weather.

Just as he made a grab for the bag Ms Harris sprang into action again, grabbing it and screaming for help. A passing car stopped and the motorcycle muggers sped off empty handed.

Ms Harris says her heroics were automatic: “I was just so cross – I just thought how dare you do this to me? I was so angry.

“When you are in that position I just don’t think you even think – you just do what your body does, I just thought there is no way that I am putting up with this, and so I put up a jolly good fight.”

Describing herself as a “little skinny thing” who is “wiry and tough”, Ms Harris thought the robbers must have been left a little emasculated by her reaction.

“They definitely didn’t expect me to be as bolshy and aggressive as I was,” she said.

“They just thought –blonde, skinny little woman with a nice watch – let’s get her.”

However, Ms Harris did not come out unscathed. Her arms, legs and back are grazed and her wrist is battered and bruised.

She added: “I’m a bit flippant about it now but it was a horrible experience and I am shocked and shaken still, but I am ok.”

A man was arrested but released without charge.