Bogus charity collectors on the loose in Camden

BOGUS charity collectors are preying on vulnerable people in Camden, the police have warned.

Incidents in recent weeks have included one person claiming to be a youth worker who was knocking on doors and asking for donations in Kentish Town, but when they were questioned they refused to provide identification.

There are further reports of people using fake headed paper from Camden schools to try to get sponsorship for events that do not exist.

Chief Insp Louis Smith said: “It is human nature to help others in their hour of need. British people are world famous for their generosity to disaster funds and other good causes. Please just take a minute to make sure your donations are going to those good causes and not into the pockets of the dishonest by asking to see ID.

“If you haven’t heard of the charity or have any doubts about the person collecting, give your money in another way.”

Anyone who thinks they have come into contact with a bogus charity collector should contact the police on 0300-123 1212.