Armed muggers strike on Hampstead Heath in five-day crime spree

Police are appealing for help from the public following a spate of armed muggings on Hampstead Heath.

Two young men, one wielding a knife, have targeted a dog walker, photographer and two other Heath users in a five-day crime spree.

* On Tuesday (October 16) at around 2pm a 42-year-old woman came to the Heath to walk her dog. Walking onto the open space using Kenwood Gate, from the Highgate end she was approached by two men. One was holding a small knife and demanded she hand over her bag. The victim began to scream and the suspects ran off, with property was taken.

Just an hour later a 48-year-old man reading his book near Gayton Road on the open space was approached by two young men.

One man was holding a small knife and demanded the victim hand over his bag. Seeing the knife the victim quickly handed it over and he was also robbed of his watch.

On Saturday (October 13) at around 6pm, a 30-year-old woman was sat reading her book on the Heath near Nassington Road in Hampstead. She was approached by two men, one was holding a knife and demanded she hand over her property. He then took her phone from her pocket while the second suspect went through her bag.

On Friday (October 12) at around 5.30pm a 69-year-old man was on Kite Hill taking pictures when he heard someone shout in his direction. He turned around to find two men stood in front of him, one was holding a knife and they shouted for him to hand over his camera.

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One of the suspects tried to take the camera, which was attached to a tripod. The victim released the camera and the suspects ran off.

Police believe the victims were targeted because they were alone, but and officers do not believe any particular kind of person is being singled out.

The two suspects are described as two white men aged between 16 and 24. On all occasions a knife has been shown to victims to force them to hand over property.

No victim has been physically harmed and there has been no attempt to cause injury.

Police are urging Heath users to remain vigilant while walking alone.

Anyone with information is asked to call Camden Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.