50-client-a-night Paddington brothel shut down after 1am police swoop

A brothel on a residential Paddington street which housed 11 women has been shut down after being raided by police.

Officers burst into the premises in Sale Place around 1am last Thursday after reports from residents of night-time activity.

The brothel was estimated to have had up to 50 punters visiting a night.

It has been told to stop operating and will be served with a court order to close if it continues.

Hyde Park Safer Neighbourhood Team Sgt Ken Taylor led the raid team alongside trafficking and prostitution officers.

He said that the people found at the address claimed to be there for a party.

“We gathered enough evidence that the women at the address were part of the sex industry and the premises was being used as a brothel,” he said.

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“Our priority is to keep the area safe for residents and the people who work here. It’s quite disruptive to have people arriving at all hours of the night.

“If it closes and they move on without us having to go to court, then that’s the best outcome.”

It is believed that clients were brought to the location by minicabs, whose drivers were given “kick backs” from brothel insiders to promote their trade.

All the women at the address said they had not been involved in trafficking.

It is the second largest brothel in the area to be raided recently. A premises housing 17 prostitutes was shut down in Harrowby Street in Marylebone in November.

Hyde Park Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel chairman Jack Gordon said: “Brothels of this nature cause great upset and disturbance and they are a blight on the local community.

“We have no alternative in striving for the best interests of people locally to close it down because they regard it as an affront.

“It was noisy, unattractive and intimidating and the police acted quickly and efficiently. Closure will be to the benefit of the local area.”