A Hackney Metropolitan Police Special Constable (MSC) has been dismissed without notice for behaviour amounting to “gross misconduct”.

A hearing was heard in private in the case of MSC Asfana Aslam on January 27 to 28.

MSC Aslam, based at the roads and transport policing unit at Hackney, was accused of witnessing an incident while initially off duty and taking no meaningful steps to arrest a suspect for a serious assault, assist a victim and uniformed colleagues or preserve a crime scene on July 2 in 2018.

It was also alleged that the special constable did not take meaningful steps to inform police about the incident, which would have placed her colleagues in a “position of potential significant risk" and could have seen evidence lost or further offences committed.

At the hearing, MSC Aslam faced allegations that her conduct amounted to breaches of the standards of professional behaviour in respect of honesty and integrity, duties and responsibilities and discreditable conduct.

Allegations regarding duties and responsibilities and discreditable conduct were found proven, but the allegation of an honesty and integrity breach was found not proven.