Craft club creates patchwork quilt to benefit Muswell Hill hospice

A craft club has diligently worked to create a handmade patch-work quilt to benefit their local community hospice.

The quilt made by the club will be auctioned off to benefit the North London Hospice in Woodside Avenue, Muswell Hill around Christmas time.

It has been intricately made by members, who have been working hard on their own nine-by-nine inch squares for the past few months.

Club creator Joanna Wise said: “The original idea was to make a quilt for a resident, something they could use on their lap.

“But after talking to the hospice it was decided that it would be more helpful to raise money for the hospice by auctioning it off.”

The members enjoyed creating their individual patches so much that they have completed the first quilt, a baby blanket, and are now in the process of creating a second larger quilt.

As the deadline draws near, the group combined efforts to sew all of the individual patches together into a beautiful final quilt on Sunday (November 6).

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“We used to make individual things,” said Mrs Wise, who lives in Crewys Road, Golders Green. “We would make wreaths for each house and then take them away, but this time we decided to combine our talents and make a quilt for the benefit of someone else.”

This craft club, which does not have an official name, was first created two years ago when Mrs Wise noticed how many local women had craft skills.

She also realised her 12-year-old daughter Jesse, who attends Channing School in Highgate, and her friends would love to work on crafts.

“It started as a club for the people on my road,” said the 50-year-old. “It started as an excuse to get together and eat cake.”

The group has grown since their first meeting and now has members aged from seven to 70, including some boys.

They meet on the first Sunday of every month to explore a variety of crafts including flower arranging, crocheting, and wreath making.

All money raised from the quilt auction will support the hospice, which provides care for the terminally ill.