Meet the man behind the bin: Count Binface on running for London mayor

Count Binface

Count Binface, an "independent space warrior", is running to be Mayor of London - Credit: Count Binface

“I would like to think that the good people of London are going to vote for an intergalactic space warrior to be their next mayor. It’s a less far-fetched idea than Boris Johnson, so you never know.” 

Count Binface – formerly known as Lord Buckethead – is back, this time running to be London mayor and celebrating the “eccentricity” of British humour. 

Discussing his manifesto point that no shop should be allowed to sell a croissant for more than £1, he said: “I do think that my policies are laced with seriousness... there’s an issue regarding food provision for all people. 

“I think it’s bizarre that in the 21st century that some humans are having to use foodbanks, this sounds crazy to me. 

“There aren’t enough normal banks, let alone food banks, so I do think some kind of equality of provision is very, very important for humans.” 

Other policies include using the Royal palaces to eradicate homelessness, tying the prime minister’s pay to nurses’ and bringing back Ceefax. 

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