Council under fire for failing to turn volume down on Hyde Park concerts

The Marylebone Association has condemned Westminster Council for failing to follow through on their promises to reduce noise in Hyde Park.

The association sent out a desperate plea in this week’s newsletter asking residents to launch their complaints with the council noise team rather than the Royal Parks, so the problem can be properly monitored.

The newsletter was sent out a week after Westminster Council allowed Snow Patrol to break curfew and play until 12.30am to coincide with the opening ceremony at Stratford.

In their newsletter, The Marylebone Association explained: “After another weekend of concerts in Hyde Park it is quite clear that the promises regarding noise limitation from the organisers have resulted in little change to the perceived volume levels experienced.

‘‘In fact far from seeing improvements it would appear from the feedback that we have received that the noise appears to be louder and travels further than before.

‘‘This means that residents can look forward to a considerable amount of disruption from the number of concerts that are programmed in the weeks to come.”

Earlier this month, the power was pulled on rock superstar Bruce Springsteen, who had been joined on stage by Sir Paul McCartney, when his set broke curfew by half an hour.

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In March, Andrew Allchin said he could feel “earthquake-like tremors” in his house on Edgeware Road, which is over a kilometre away, during a concert.

Westminster Council has responded to the concerns put down in writing by the Association, which has over 1,000 members.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Philippa Roe, accepted that there had been problems in the past and said: “There is clearly a balance to be struck between the commercial interests of the park and the rights of residents. 2012 is an exceptional year with Jubilee and Olympic-linked events, so there are a number of events over the summer.”

We will however keep the licensing regime under review.”