Council's potline is 'a waste of money'

ROAD users will soon be able to report bumpy journeys to a council-run pothole hotline.

Charlotte Newton

ROAD users will soon be able to report bumpy journeys to a council-run "potline".

In the week that Haringey Council received a lawsuit from a brain damaged man who tripped on a dodgy road, the authority announced it is setting up a Pothole Hotline.

But motorists and cyclists have denounced the plan as a waste of money.

Lib Dem councillor David Winskill said: "Haringey Council is notoriously bad at filling in potholes. I carried out a consultation two years' ago which found that one of the biggest concerns among residents was the number of unfilled potholes.

"Following this consultation, I made a series of recommendations to the council and to date none of these has been implemented.

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"I'm really cynical about the idea of a pothole hotline.

"The council knows exactly which roads need filling in and there is absolutely no need for this.

"They should just repair the roads, as promised, and stop wasting tax payers' time and money.

Simon Aldridge, 41, from Crouch End is director of the London Motorists' Action Group. He said: "I think Haringey Council is inept. Potholes are an ongoing problem, but why don't they just put the roads right, instead of setting up a hotline?"

Environment boss Brian Haley said: "There's no gimmick here. We will be making an announcement shortly on action we will be taking to tackle potholes in the next financial year."

A High Court writ was issued this week on behalf of Kyle Bullock, 33, who was walking along Lightfoot Road when he tripped over a pothole, which was 15 inches wide and three inches deep.

Mr Bullock hit his head, suffered multiple skull fractures and fell into a coma.

Despite an extensive rehabilitation programme, he still suffers from severe headaches. The writ claims he is only able to walk short distances and suffers from short term memory loss.

Before the accident in July last year, Mr Bullock worked as assistant facilities manager for the Children's Society.

Mr Bullock, from Streatham, is suing the highway authority Homes for Haringey Ltd, which is wholly owned by Haringey Council, for damages of £500,000.