Confusing Highgate parking signs result in dawn towing showdown

Motorists have been left fuming after “contradictory” changes to parking signs in Highgate resulted in cars being towed at dawn.

Tempers boiled over as furious drivers staged a sit-on on a tow truck in Southwood Lane and called police in a bid to stop more cars being impounded on Saturday.

Haringey Council tow trucks moved in after new signs were installed and had removed at least four cars by midday – forcing drivers to pay �255 to retrieve their vehicles.

But drivers say the signs left them no chance of sticking within the law.

Benn Cushway, 30, who runs an engineering company and lives in nearby Archway Road, said: “These little signs went up in the middle of the night and the tow trucks came down and were taking all our cars.

“They have to tell people about this kind of thing, otherwise it is just extortion.

“If I knew I wasn’t allowed to park there I wouldn’t have.”

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One large sign said restrictions applied on Monday to Friday from 10am-12noon, while a new much smaller sign said restrictions applied from Monday to Saturday from 8am-6.30pm.

Police reportedly sympathised with concerns and even gave Mr Cushway a lift to retrieve his towed car.

The confusion has left drivers feeling cheated and residents nearby also say they were not made aware of the changes.

But Haringey Council has denied there are any new regulations in place in the road.

A spokesman said: “There are no new restrictions. When new restrictions are implemented notification is given.

“A replacement sign was installed on Friday between 2pm and 3pm, informing motorists of regulations relating to the single yellow line restrictions, which were already in place.”

Motorists whose cars were towed can appeal.