Cold weather causes pipes to burst all over Hampstead

THE prolonged cold snap has seen pipes bursting all over Hampstead, with one forcing Flask Walk to be closed off to traffic.

Pipes have burst in at least four places across NW3 including Willoughby Road, Downshire Hill, Flask Walk and Heath Street.

Thames Water has said around 300 burst pipes are being reported across London each day – up from the average of 75 a day.

This is because the cold water is causing the old cast iron Victorian pipes to contract and burst.

Hampstead councillor Chris Knight said: “The burst pipes have caused a bit of an upset. The pipes in some of the area here between Heath Street and the Heath are very old and need to be updated urgently by Thames Water.

“The burst pipe on Flask Walk has meant that has closed to traffic and Thames Water are taking quite a long time to fix each pipe.”

A spokesman for Thames Water said: “We have had a near four-fold increase in the number of burst pipes because of the freezing weather.

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“The pipe network in London is very old so when it gets cold the cold water causes the pipes to contract and burst.

“At the moment the water is 1.8 degrees Celsius and the average for this time of year is 4.9 degrees so it is much colder.

“We do not prioritise any areas but on the seriousness of the burst. We have to put our resources in the right area.”

If anyone sees a leak Thames Water would urge you to contact them on 0800 714 614 to report it or via Twitter @thameswater.