Cold Feet’s Fay Ripley contributes star recipe to Highgate School’s anniversary cookbook

A school has published a glossy cookbook full to the brim with recipes dreamed up by pupils and parents – including Cold Feet star and foodie Fay Ripley – as part of its 450th anniversary celebrations.

The Highgate School Cookbook has been lovingly illustrated with more than 100 hand-drawn pictures by pupils aged between three and 11 at the Bishopswood Road Junior and Pre-Prep school.

It contains more than 200 recipes from pupils, parents and staff – including Highgate School headteacher Adam Pettitt.

Actress and recipe author Ms Ripley’s contribution is a play on a Big Mac burger – an oven bake containing fresh mackerel and pancetta designed to get children eating oily fish full of healthy omega-3 fat.

The Highgate mother-of-two, whose son attends the Junior School, said: “Food is at the centre of life and certainly at the centre of the Ripley household.

“It’s a communal activity so doing a cookbook through school, to share family recipes, is encouraging kids to get involved. It’s also as much for the parents as it is for the kids to encourage them to share their memories.”

Hundreds of pupils entered a competition for their artwork to be included in the cookbook.

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Nine-year-old Marwane Mroueh’s illustration of the middle-eastern vegetarian dish tabbouleh was chosen as the winning entry, and graces the inside cover of the book.

The cookbook forms part of a year of celebrations to mark the 450 years since Highgate School was founded, which have so far included the opening of a dedicated school museum and a thanksgiving ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral last month.

All profits from the sale of the cookbook will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis Trust, children’s charity Chance UK and Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice.

Sara Dein, co-chairwoman of the Highgate Pre-Prep and Junior School Parents Association, which produced the coobook, said: “We wanted a new and interesting way to raise money for our chosen charities and do something historic to help celebrate the 450th year of the school. Cooking is a great activity for parents and children to do together and a great way to learn too.

“We’re already getting a great response from people enjoying new recipes and who feel proud to have the Highgate School Cookbook on their kitchen shelves alongside Jamie Oliver and Nigella.”

Recipes include dishes like Werewolf Nuggets and Courgetti Spaghetti. It also caters for intolerances, with recipes like Leo’s Dairy Free Cookies.

Mark James, headteacher of Highgate Junior School, said: “This cookbook is a wonderful celebration of the rich cultural variety of food within the Highgate School community.”