'Injunction could criminalise people across the country'

Climate Emergency banner outside parliament, July 23

Climate emergency banner at parliament during a coalition march on July 23 - Credit: Nick Hulin

There was continued daily protest against Vanguard, in the City.

Vanguard is an American outfit, second largest investor in fossil fuels in the world, that has recently moved on the UK to sell our pensioners investments that will become stranded assets as well as fuelling the climate and ecological emergency.

They are unregulated, unaccountable and greenwashing their funds. This is callous exploitation, and the protests have informed people that Vanguard is here, and what they are doing.

There was protest at the North London Waste Authority AGM, against the continued construction of the new, over large Edmonton Incinerator when what we need is a recycling pre-sorting facility. The chair has held that position for over a decade. Few voters in our local elections would be aware which councillors represent Camden Council on the NLWA, and what decisions they are supporting.

Camden resident Dorothea Hackman wrote a letter to the NLWA requesting a judicial review into the Edmonton Incinerator

Dorothea Hackman says that the sentencing of the bluebell woodland anti-HS2 protestors was disproportionate - Credit: Archant

This week at Birmingham Civil Court the last of the anti-HS2 protesters, who spent a record 47 days in underground tunnels protecting bluebell woodland in Staffordshire, were sentenced  to over a hundred days in prison for breaching an injunction, which was served to them while underground, for peacefully protesting against HS2.

This is clearly disproportionate sentencing for proportionate protest, and contrasts markedly with the Euston Square Gardens tunnelers walking free last year.

In a separate but related court case since May, HS2 is seeking a route-wide injunction.

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The size of the area affected and the potential numbers of people excluded would make this the largest injunction in English legal history. This could potentially criminalise people from halfway along the country, from London to Manchester, simply for walking onto land that HS2 is claiming as theirs.

People needing support at Euston Foodbank have more spacious premises at Phoenix Road from July 30, with off road queuing in the old school quadrangle at 28 Phoenix Road NW1 1TA, and four distribution sessions a week: Sunday midday-1.30pm, Tuesday 12-3:30, Thursday 5.30-7pm and Saturday midday-1.30pm.

However it has not all been grim, there has been the joy of Netley school exhibition, summer fair and year six performances and farewell assemblies. Our schools are beleaguered financially, we desperately need funds at Netley to improve the playground, and I am sure all our schools need help.

Dorothea Hackman is chair of Camden Civic Society.