'We'll be marching for climate justice'

Prime minister Boris Johnson (left) and Sir David Attenborough at the launch of the next COP26 UN Cl

Boris Johnson and Sir David Attenborough at the launch of COP26 - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

The global climate emergency is here. More and more people will become displaced by more frequent and intense weather-related events, and through the erosion of already fragile livelihoods and ecosystems.

The climate crisis is going to affect human lives, and humans will try to move to different places to build a new life.

For hundreds of millions of people the consequences are happening now and in the immediate future.

In 2019 almost 25 million new displacements across 140 countries and territories were recorded, three times the number of people placed by conflict and violence. In 2020 it was 30 million.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations refugee convention but it doesn’t enshrine the rights of "climate refugees" or recognise the effects of the climate crisis.

Vivek Lehal, Haringey Stand-Up to Racism (HSTUR)

Vivek Lehal says that people will be forced to move country due to the climate crisis - Credit: Archant

Campaigning for this to change would be a step forward but we have to address the cause not the symptom. The same states fortifying their borders and fuelling racism against migrants and refugees are also those who have, for decades, failed to address climate change.

We need to be the counter weight that mobilises the majority who want to see compassion at the heart of how we treat vulnerable people searching for a better life. We must continue to rail against the Home Office’s new draconian immigration plans.

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The global climate summit COP26 is taking place in Glasgow. It is the most important yet: life on Earth literally depends on what agreements are struck there. Anti-racists must mobilise to pressure world leaders and demand climate justice is enshrined in any agreements struck.

Haringey Stand Up To Racism is proud to support the COP26 mobilisations on November 6. Haringey: Global Day of Action for Climate Justice 11am Haringey Climate Rally Crescent Gardens, N22 (opposite Haringey Civic Centre). 

Central London: Assemble noon London Rally, Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8AH. March to Trafalgar Square for 3pm Rally.

Vivek Lehal is secretary of Haringey Stand Up To Racism