Clap for carers: Archway woman dressed in Ikea scrubs and shower cap demands better PPE during weekly song from her window

Jane Ralley performing 'Give PPE a Chance' from her home in St John's Grove during the weekly clap f

Jane Ralley performing 'Give PPE a Chance' from her home in St John's Grove during the weekly clap for carers. Picture: Jane Ralley - Credit: Jane Ralley

An Archway woman donned in homemade scrubs including an Ikea bag and a shower cap is using the weekly clap for carers to demand improved PPE for health workers.

Perched on the windowsill of her home in St John’s Grove under a banner of ‘get PPE done’, Jane Ralley has been singing ‘Give PPE a Chance’ every Thursday at 8pm, banging the drum for better protection against Covid-19.

Rather than expressing only gratitude, Jane, whose outfit includes a gown, mask, visor and gloves, is calling on residents to also express their concerns during the weekly claps.

“A lot of people are worried about the protection of our workers,” Jane said.

“I thought rather than just clapping I could make my concerns known, so that’s why I decided to bring it to public attention.

“When people hear the song they’re often surpirsed, they stop and talk about it.

“If people are driving past while I’m singing and banging the drum they always toot.

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“The neighbours are quite supportive as well.”

Last month the government admitted there had been shortages of certain masks and aprons ahead of a 84-tonne delivery of PPE.

Since March 11, at least 180 frontline health and care workers have died from coronavirus.

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