Church Street dad died in crash on brand new motorbike

A young father from Church Street died when the motorbike he had owned for just two days crashed into the central �barrier of a dual carriageway, a court heard yesterday.

Yad Qadir, 28, of Blanche Court, was taking one of the first journeys on his brand new “enormously powerful” Yamaha bike on March 15 when he lost control on the Westway.

He clipped the curb and collided with the barrier causing him to die almost instantly from “appalling” multiple �injuries.

An inquest at Westminster Coroners Court heard that Mr Qadir, who was married with a son, had completed a law degree and was considering completing his professional qualifications.

He was described as a “devoted father” to his son who he was “passionate about” and who he would read to every day. The two were described as “best friends”.

The court heard Mr Qadir was an “extremely inexperienced” motorcyclist.

On the night of the accident he met up with his friend Ayaz Saleem and they set off on a bike ride down the Westway.

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Heading eastbound to �return home just before 11pm the road cleared and Mr Qadir accelerated ahead at about 50mph – exceeding the 30mph limit.

Mr Saleem said: “The bike he was riding was a very powerful bike and I don’t think he was aware of the speed he was going.

“It’s a very straight stretch of road and then it takes a sweeping turn to the left.”

He added: “I don’t think he was ready for the swerve.”

Witness Joanne Tasker said: “It was almost as though he didn’t realise there was a bend.” The court heard Mr Qadir attempted to turn the bike but braked too hard causing it to head into the central reservation.

He suffered fractures to the spine, skull and arm, a tear in the aorta and internal bleeding.

Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox, who recorded a verdict of accidental death, said: “The bend started just as the lighting from the slip road ceased. The road itself was bright but the bend was dark.”

She added: “It’s possible that the change in lighting may have helped to disorientate Mr Qadir as an inexperienced driver. There’s a possibility that he may have overbraked because he could not see clearly as the lighting changed but I accept the evidence of PC Peter Traylor that the most pertinent fact was his inexperience.”

She said she would give further consideration whether to make a later recommendation for the lighting on the bend to be amended.