Christmas lights spread some festive cheer in South End Green

The angelic voices of a children’s choir captivated crowds at the turning on of the South End Green Christmas lights.

Pupils from Gospel Oak Primary School, in nearby Gordon House Road, spread some festive cheer by performing a medley of carols with their brass band.

Jonathan Bergman, who works at Amberden Estate Agents in South Hill Park, said: “The children were quite amazing. They were just dead normal children but they had incredible voices.

“What really stood out was that we had somebody come along from Sarajevo with his daughter who was no more than 10, and she sang Smile. It just broke your heart it was so good. She sounded like Amy Winehouse, she was fabulous.

“The best thing was that it was community led, this year that really came across.”

The lights, which were switched on last Friday afternoon (November 18), were funded by Camden Council.