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Pork d'OrangeA family recipe evoking Christmas aromas


For the pork:Plain flour


Black pepper

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Ground mixed spices (cassia, coriander seed,caraway, ginger and cloves)

200 ml Chicken stock

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Half onion (diced)

Cointreau liqueur

2 Oranges

For the orange sauce:

200ml Orange juice

1 ½ Pinches of ginger

1 Pinch mixed spice

4 Dessert spoons brown sugar

Method1. Coat pork shanks in a flour base (flour, mixed spice and few pinches salt and black pepper).

2. Sear in a pan with a couple splashes of Cointraeu liqueur for 10 minutes.

3. Braising stage: add the pork shanks, chicken stock, 1 pint of water, onion, 2 oranges cut in half, in to a deep dish or casserole dish andbraise for 2 ½ hours checking half way and turning over. If the stock reduces add ½ pint water and 100ml chicken stock.

4. For the sauce: add ingredients in a pan together and simmer until thickened slightly.

5. Add mashed sweet potato (optional potato)and seasonal vegetables and finished with a steamed slice of orange for decoration.

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