Channel 4 News broadcasts live from Primrose Hill to report on economic growth

Channel 4 news anchor Jon Snow broadcasting live from Primrose Hill

Channel 4 news anchor Jon Snow broadcasting live from Primrose Hill - Credit: Archant

Affluent Primrose Hill might not be the most obvious place to discuss the recession live on TV. Nevertheless Channel 4 News thought it was the perfect location to broadcast from on Monday night to talk about the economy.

In a pre-recorded report, business correspondent Sarah Smith perched awkwardly on the ground as she interviewed sunbathers about spending more money in the summertime.

The nitty-gritty details of the piece, to explain why the economy is recovering, was reported in front of ‘Boris bike’ riders and people lounging in deckchairs.

Just when it couldn’t get any stranger, Ms Smith put up a black umbrella with a grey cartoon raincloud inserted in post-production over her head to talk about potential snags to economic growth.

Then Jon Snow, broadcasting live from the top of the hill, interviewed three experts about consumer optimism while they stood in long grass.

It seems Heathman may have been wrong to doubt Cllr Sarah Hayward’s seemingly outlandish statement in Parliament this week that Primrose Hill is one of the top tourist attractions in Europe.

If newscasters can’t resist abandoning the studio for a spot in the sunshine, Cllr Hayward could be on to something.