Caroline Packenham's Recipe for Rowan Jelly

Caroline Packenham's Recipe for Rowan Jelly


(Delicious with game or cold meats)900g/2lb rowan fruit in bunches450g/1lb crab apples wholeJuice of 1 lemon (optional)Water to coverSugar granulated NOT preserving.

1 Put the rowan and crab apples into a large pan and cover with water.

2 Bring to the boil and leave to simmer on low heat, for about 20-30 minutes, until tender.

3 Mash with potato masher, then pour through a muslin or jelly bag and leave to drip into a large bowl overnight or for a  few hours.

4 Put jars and lids on a tray in the oven, to sterilise, about 140C/275F/GAS 1 or simmering in the Aga.

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5 Measure your juice and then add sieved lemon juice. Pour into your cleaned pan.

6 Add 350g/12oz of sugar to every 600ml/1pt of liquid. Place over a low heat and stir with a large wooden spoon.

7 Make sure that the sugar has totally dissolved, no grittiness, then turn up the heat and begin to boil rapidly for about  10-15 minutes.

8 Test the jelly when you see the bubbles gathering together and thickening. Just one spoonful onto a saucer and put it somewhere cold. I use my outside wall or fridge. After a minute or two if the jelly creases when you tip the saucer, then it is ready, otherwise let it boil for another  five minutes and test again.

9 Skim the jelly with a holey spoon; wild berries produce more scum than garden fruit, then pour into your hot jars and fill to the very top. Put the lid or seal on immediately.

10 Tighten tops when they are cooler  and label.

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